Operations Manager

Bindy is looking for an Operations Manager. Reporting to a Bindy executive, you will interact with employees, consultants, partners and customers. The successful candidate will wear a number of "hats" and gain exposure to some of the most critical facets of the business, including accounting and finance, customer service, project coordination, content marketing and even software testing.

Bindy is a Toronto-based software company developing a suite of store communication and execution applications for the retail industry. While we feel and operate like a "startup", we are an established cash-positive company, with a 11-year history and broad industry adoption. We have very low customer churn and 100+ enterprise customers operating in 23 countries. We are progressive, creative doers with no time for red tape. We are passionate about software and the retail industry.

This is a full-time position with a competitive base salary and the availability of ad-hoc bonuses. You must be located in Toronto and able to work from our office located in Leslieville in downtown Toronto. Underground parking is included. You may also work from home some of the time. The position also includes 4-weeks paid vacation and benefits. You must have a valid Canadian work permit.


  1. Customer service and support. You will interact with enterprise customers, give demos, provide support and guidance. As a Bindy representative, you may conduct online training, webinars and demos, answer questions from customers and discuss integration issues. As an "agile" company, we are incredibly focused on the relationship with customers and customer feedback (feedback is often features in waiting). This part of the job requires finesse, diplomacy and great listening skills.
  2. Contract management. You will be responsible for managing all contracts, including customer service agreements, reseller agreements and leases.
  3. Community moderation. Bindy moderates two retail groups on LinkedIn with over 48,000 users combined. We vet every request to join and keep the groups SPAM free. You will be the groups' community moderator.
  4. Content marketing. Bindy has a widely read blog. You will be responsible for vetting guest contributors, managing the topic and posting schedule for paid contributors, and editing and formatting submitted posts for optimal SEO exposure. You will also post to our various social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. This is a great opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of retail and to be involved in conversations about retail operations.
  5. Software testing. At Bindy, we feel strongly that every member of the team is also a manager, a tester and an end-user of the software. We expect you to initiate, lead, do and verify continuously because you are part of a self-sufficient team and you are building a great product.
  6. Project coordination. With directions from a Bindy executive, you will be expected to lead ad-hoc projects. Culturally, we are objective-driven and very attentive to details. If you love to "get it done!", you'll love it here.
  7. Other areas of responsibilities include office administration, such as ordering office supplies from online vendors and interacting with office suppliers.

Must-have skills

  1. Retail experience. Our software exists to alleviate the pain points of retail execution. Any first-hand experience you may have with the store environment will help you understand the need and the product.
  2. Great communication skills, both written and verbal.
  3. Finesse, diplomacy and great listening skills.
  4. You are dependable. People come to depend on you and trust you because you consistently give them reasons to.
  5. 3+ years working with MS Word and Excel.
  6. Detail-oriented and organized.

Nice-to-have skills

  1. Prior office management or management experience.
  2. Previous experience creating or sharing content.
  3. Speak another language? Great! Bindy operates globally in three languages and we are expanding.

Who we are looking for

  1. We are incredibly focused and attentive to details. We are looking for someone methodical and attentive, someone who looks for unity and structure in apparent chaos.
  2. We are also nice. We want to work with nice people. People who want to learn, help and be helped. If the thought of interacting with human beings, reviewing someone's project/ideas or having your projects/ideas reviewed bothers you, this is not the place for you.
  3. You love responsibilities. We want everyone to feel ownership of the process and responsible for the outcome.
  4. You are a "do-er", a "tweaker", a relentless "improver". If you love status meetings and filling-out reports, you won't like it at Bindy. We get things done. We document to the point of having enough work to do and understanding what we are up against. Then we do it. Then we measure. Then we do it again. It's fun. It's fast.
  5. We work in agile. Communication is essential. You must be a great communicator, both verbally and in writing.
  6. You are passionate about technology, software and mobility. Passion is contagious. Passion moves mountains. Do you love software? Do you love learning?

Is this you?

Let's talk! Please start the conversation by sending your CV and cover-letter to careers@bindy.me.

Thank you,

The Bindy Team

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