Multi-Unit Retail Communication, Execution and Automation | Bindy

Exceptional furniture showrooms

Gain visibility into your furniture stores. Drive accountability. Execute programs and standards on time, in full, in all stores.

🛏️ Gain visibility into your stores, execute faster

Customizable workflows for operations, merchandising and health and safety with one platform.

  1. Merchandising

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    Verify programs are executed. Verify signage and promotions. Assign corrective actions/tasks to fix poor execution.

  2. Brand standards

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    Protect the customer experience. Confirm employees adhere to dress code and customer interaction standards.

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    Identify coaching opportunities to train more effectively.

  3. Showroom

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    Gain store visibility, understand the showroom flow, verify product density at every store with photos and videos.

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    Identify and fix issues. Ensure stores are clean, well merchandised and running well.

  1. Health and safety

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    Showroom safety, warehouse safety, fire safety, etc. Instantly update regulations and push to all stores and verify completion with photos and videos.

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    Create incident report forms or tickets for store submission.

  2. Warehouse and inventory

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    Ensure that equipment, lift trucks, and hand trucks are properly maintained and in good condition. Employees are safe and operations are running.

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    Check the status of returned and damaged goods.

The features you need

Top level overview of how each store is performing. Dig down to see if a store is trending down or improving over time.

Period comparison

Customize date ranges to analyze and compare program performance across years, quarters, months, or weeks.

Best and worst

Real-time data to identify highest and lowest performing items at a single site or across all sites.


Track store, team, and individual performance for HR purposes from anywhere, on any device.


Generate unlimited reports to see corrective action and task completion rates.

Share photos and videos

Take photos, videos and share notes. Attach photos to inspections, tasks, and corrective actions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Real-time data

Teams can instantly access results, track, and verify issue resolution. Run aggregate and raw filtered reports. Automate data exports with the API and integrate with your data warehouse.

Proven results

UPS Logo
“The tool [Bindy] has become an integral part of store visitations with our franchised network of stores.”
Manager of Operations
The UPS Store Canada

“92% of Bindy customers report improved execution of merchandising programs.”
7-Eleven Stores Logo
“Implementing Bindy has allowed rapid deployment of dynamic, flexible surveys that provide insight into in-store operation and the ability for the organisation to make positive changes in many areas.”
National Operations Manager
7-Eleven Stores

Brand standards

On time, in full, at every site