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Collaboration | Bindy
Collaborate - Bindy


Upload all your users and sites with a single file. Create specific site-affiliated field teams. Work together on any device, anywhere.
Communicate - Bindy


Everyone can share photos, documents, and comments for any inspection, task, or corrective action.
Interact securely - Bindy

Interact securely

Built-in field hierarchy and customizable security settings mean teams can interact but never accidently overshare.

Secure communication

The features you need to get everyone on the same page and get things done.

Collaborative calendar, Inspection scheduler, Content manager
  1. Collaborative calendar

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    Top level view of what is happening at your sites and when.

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    See outstanding tasks and corrective actions for your team members.

  2. Inspection scheduler

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    Schedule recurring inspections. Choose who is automatically notified.

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    Instantly view in-progress, completed, and late inspections.

  3. Content manager

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    Share organizational news, KPIs, videos, and files. Receive read receipts.

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    Create follow-up tasks for actionable information.

  1. Secure chat

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    Keep organizational communication all in one place.

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    Create groups and connect with your sites.

  2. Share data

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    Generate unlimited reports.

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    Export and share from anywhere, anytime.

Secure chat, Share Data

Customers are saying

Improve communication across your organization to improve store execution.
“Prior to using Bindy, we lacked follow-up from our store visits with our teams. By using Bindy, we now have feedback loops built in.”
Snr. Manager
Store Operations & Customer Service

“88% of customers say Bindy improves store communication and execution.”
PCRK Group
“Bindy helps us ensure that none of our fundamental business processes stop, and that our field leaders have structured, well-documented unit visits.”
Chief Operating Officer
PCRK Group

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