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Safe and profitable parking

One intuitive platform for operations across your parking facilities

🚗 Gain visibility into parking facilities

Shrink the gap between head office and parking facilities.

  1. Facilities and equipment

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    Use inspection checklists to ensure regular maintenance occurs.

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    Attach site photos, videos and documents to demonstrate fraud-prevention procedures.

  2. Make informed decisions

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    Access real-time store data from anywhere on any device. View trends, best and worst performers.

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    GPS coordinates captured so you know where inspections happened. Verify data collected with digital signatures and photos.

  1. Equip field teams

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    Interactive map and route planner. Field teams can create new facilities with a few clicks. Collaborative calendar and inspection scheduler.

  2. Set permissions

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    Built-in field hierarchy and store affiliations allow you to choose who can see and interact with inspection checklists and data.

Conduct inspections

Create unlimited checklists for all your parking site needs. Capture photos and share instantly.

Customize each checklist with its own effective date, expiry date, and viewing permissions and restrictions. Create a record of safety.

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Branding and signage
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Cleanliness and maintenance
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Cash handling and security
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Equipment checks

Faster operations execution

Streamline corrective actions

Assign corrective actions on the spot including due dates and photos to illustrate non-compliance. Include recommendations to enforce standard operating procedures.

Automate with sensors

Site sensors monitor around the clock. View real-time data from any device, anywhere. Notifications and alerts sent to the appropriate team members.

Proven results

Task completion

88% of Bindy customers report improved task completion and store activities.

Business risks

91% of Bindy customers report a reduction in business risks.

Customer experience

89% of Bindy customers report improved customer experience.

Brand standards

On time, in full, at every site